Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane

by Hooded Eagle

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The chronicle of a man's journey into madness.


released December 13, 2015

Hooded Eagle
'Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane'

Lynn Wise | Tortured Tongues/Earth Mover
Bobby Blackheart | Cthulhu/Anguish/Lead Guitar
Matt Wolfe | Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Mark Appelt | Drums/Percussion/Abysmal Undertones

Recorded at MP Productions, Monroe, NC
Produced by Marshall Wieczorek and Hooded Eagle
Engineered/mixed and mastered by Marshall Wieczorek
All music by Hooded Eagle except tracks 1, 2, 4, and 5 written by Hooded Eagle and Lee Christenson
All lyrics by Lynn Wise except tracks 2, 4, 5 and 7 by Lynn Wise and Bobby Blackheart
Album art by Juha Vuorma
Hooded Eagle logo and album lettering by Christophe Szpajdel, Chris Horst and Massimo
Album layout by Edward Miles
All introductory quotes referenced from H.P. Lovecraft's short story, 'The Call of Cthulhu'

All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Hooded Eagle Charleston, South Carolina

Lynn Wise: vocals/bass
Bobby Blackheart:
vocals/lead guitar
Matt Wolfe:
rhythm/lead guitar
Mark Appelt: drums/vocals

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Track Name: There is No Goodness Left in this World
The Dream Suite

I: Movement One: There is No Goodness Left in this World

"We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far."

Absolute disgust
There is no sanctity in life
Wretched humanity
Hatred has become my only connection to the world outside

I cannot bear witness to the death of this world
I once believed I could stop the embrace of ignorance blind faith has brought into society
I have given up hope that I may one day see a better world

(Lead: Blackheart)

"All belief in the goodness of humanity has passed
The only option left is to self-destruct"
Track Name: I Have Dreams...
II: Movement Two: I Have Dreams...

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents."

[The Sleeper speaks]

"I dwell within your mind
The faceless chaos plaguing your thoughts
An ecstasy of holocaust will soon be upon us
Even death will die"

Exsanguination of our Mother Earth
All beauty is dead

Endless night
Haunted by...
Unearthly Sights
Night terrors more vivid than waking life

(Lead: Wolfe)

"Lost in existence
You cling to nothingness
For Aeons, I have slept
Molding the dreams of man
Awaiting the new age, from deep within my grave
It gazes into thee... Abysmal Clarity"

Visions of realms beyond our own
A monolithic structure rises from the depths
The Sleeper lies in wait...
Track Name: ...of Cosmic Horror
III: Movement Three: ...of Cosmic Horror

"They knew all that was occurring in the universe, but Their mode of speech was transmitted thought. Even now, They talked in their tombs. When, after infinities of chaos, the first men came, the Great Old Ones spoke to the sensitive among them by molding their dreams; for only thus could Their language reach the fleshly minds of mammals."
Track Name: The Path of Eternal Sorrow
The Misery Suite

IV: Movement One: The Path of Eternal Sorrow

"I have looked upon all that the universe has to hold of horror, and even the skies of spring and the flowers of summer must ever be poison to me."

Something poisons every aspect of myself
There is no longer love or happiness or peace of mind
There is only this misery

(Lead: Blackheart)

This abject fucking misery has controlled
Every action, every moment

This is all that has stuck with me
No one stands by my side these days
Alone I must walk this path into darkness...

"...and I will shed the blood of everyone that has led me here"
I will shed the blood of everyone that has left me here"

What have I done? ("What have you done?")

(Lead: Wolfe)
(Lead: Wise)
(Lead: Blackheart)

It has devoured every aspect of myself
There is only this misery... please... fucking KILL ME
The Sleeper speaks through their suffering
It feeds upon my insanity
Pariah, I've become
What have I done?

No one stands by my side these days
Alone I must walk this path into darkness...
Track Name: From Thence Came Woe
V: Movement Two: From Thence Came Woe

"It was nightmare itself, and to see it was to die."

I have nothing to live for
"Your regrets are meaningless"
I destroyed all that was good...
"All that was disintegrates"
…in my life
"Worthless vessel; transcend your insignificant flesh!"
Weaving dark shadows throughout my world
("Our world...")
Sowing the seeds of my downfall
Casting curses upon those whom I held dear

(Lead: Blackheart)

Summoning black creatures that when looked upon
Seem to transport the onlooker into infinite void
Its very essence is overtaken by cosmic despair
"Behold the limitless potential of pure chaos!"

I held my love in my arms
Yet her expressionless face
Told me of the engulfing woe
Visited upon her against my will

A lifeless husk is all that remains
How can I ever forgive myself?

"Do not despond!
You have so much more to witness!
Their blood runs dry, your thirst for vengeance futile!"

"Writhing in darkness..."
Track Name: Repercussions of Actions Long Regretted
DCLXVI: Movement Three: Repercussions of Actions Long Regretted

"I now felt gnawing at my vitals that dark terror which will never leave me till I, too, am at rest; 'accidentally' or otherwise."

I never would have expected my life to end like this
I laid down a fucking coward
Loneliness has buried me
This madness is destroying me

(Lead: Blackheart)


"A once proud man now lies before you... broken... hopeless... prostrate"

All the mistakes I've made
I can't forgive myself
I will be welcomed in Hell for what I've done
The voice of Cthulhu torments me
My victims will have their retribution

Track Name: The Sleeper will Wake and the World will Bleed

VII: The Sleeper will Wake and the World will Bleed

"Who knows the end? What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men."

Empty soul
Spews forth from my mouth
Wretched, accursed
(Hope is naught...)
I watched as the spirits of untold thousands
Reached out to grasp the living world

The air fills with the stench of detritus
Before my eyes my soul is ripped apart by countless hands
As the gates (of R'lyeh) are opened my strength abandons me

Torments to follow without end
Darkness falls upon the deep
My weakened shell collapses
I reek of death
Slowly crawling to the sea
Bleeding black; trapped within this tainted carcass
Vile creature I've become!

I have transgressed mortal law
Its consequence
My greatest fear comes alive
As the stars align
Cthulhu no longer lies dreaming...

He has absolved my humanity through pain divine
Visions of madness
Ancient Ones arise
All light extinguished save for the sky
Birthed from the tides, hideous R'lyeh surfaces!

Endless horrors
Beyond the grasp of the human mind
Mankind is driven to unspeakable atrocities
The world has been remade in His image

(Lead: Blackheart)

We are enslaved
Walking unknown planes
Eternally bound to the Dread Priest
"His Kingdom consumes the Earth
Lord Cthulhu holds all in servitude"