From Thence Came Woe

from by Hooded Eagle



V: Movement Two: From Thence Came Woe

"It was nightmare itself, and to see it was to die."

I have nothing to live for
"Your regrets are meaningless"
I destroyed all that was good...
"All that was disintegrates"
…in my life
"Worthless vessel; transcend your insignificant flesh!"
Weaving dark shadows throughout my world
("Our world...")
Sowing the seeds of my downfall
Casting curses upon those whom I held dear

(Lead: Blackheart)

Summoning black creatures that when looked upon
Seem to transport the onlooker into infinite void
Its very essence is overtaken by cosmic despair
"Behold the limitless potential of pure chaos!"

I held my love in my arms
Yet her expressionless face
Told me of the engulfing woe
Visited upon her against my will

A lifeless husk is all that remains
How can I ever forgive myself?

"Do not despond!
You have so much more to witness!
Their blood runs dry, your thirst for vengeance futile!"

"Writhing in darkness..."


from Nightscapes from the Abyssal Plane, released December 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Hooded Eagle Charleston, South Carolina

Lynn Wise: vocals/bass
Bobby Blackheart:
vocals/lead guitar
Matt Wolfe:
rhythm/lead guitar
Mark Appelt: drums/vocals

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